Hindu Communities in Italy


Hindu communities in Italy

Hinduism, by extending itself to the whole world, has always been able to integrate with the diverse social contexts in which it eradicates itself. In Italy there are several examples of best practices of integration, represented by the Hindu communities.

Hinduism in Italy is a new phenomenon and enfolds mainly in two fields. The first field is the one of Italian citizens who chose to deepen their interest and practice of Hinduism; the second is based on the migratory flow.
“Italy is the EU Country which welcomes the wider number of Chinese communities (277.570 residents in 2011), Filipinos (152.382), Bengali (106.671) e Sri Lankan (94.577), while it is ranked second among all other European States as per number of Indian (145.164) and Pakistani (90.185) unities.” (Statistical Dossier on Immigration Caritas/Migrantes 2012. Datas by Istat)
This fact led to the necessity of dealing with complex epocal changes, and to finding a "new" way of relationship among cultures, religions and society.


Hindu Monastery in Altare (SV)

Matha Gitananda Ashram


Community of Castelverde (CR)

Shree Durgiana Mandir


Community of Polesine Parmense (PR)

Shree Nav Durga Mandir


Community of Arzignano (VI)

Snatan Dharm Mandir


Community of Pegognaga (MN)

Shri Hari Om Mandir


Community of Novellara (RE)

Vaishno Mata Mandir


Community of Gussago (BS)

Shiv Shakti Mandir

Community of Ponte Di Piave (TV)

Jai Jagadambe Maa Durga Shakti Mandir


Community of Rome (RM)

Om Hindu Mandir


Community of Catania

Geetanjali Circle - Doorga Maa Mandir


Community of Catania

Shiv Shakti Mandir


Community of Valdarno

Maa Bhagwati Jagran Committee


Community of Brescia

Bengal Culture Society


Community of Terracina (LA)

Shree Durga Maa Mandir


Community of Brescia



Community of Corsico (MI)

Shri Vishnu Mandir


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